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About Us

Established in 2021, we specialize in providing high-quality gemstones that are ethically sourced and expertly cut. We source our gemstones from all over the world, working closely with local miners and suppliers to ensure that we have access to the best quality gemstones available. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and quality gemstones that they can treasure for a lifetime. Currently, our office is located in Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.

Mine to Market

We believe that it is important to know where our gemstones come from and to ensure that they are sourced in a responsible and sustainable way.


We take pride in our ability to transform rough gemstones into exquisite, faceted gems that sparkle and shine.


We are passionate about sharing our collection of gemstones with the world. Gem shows are an excellent opportunity to connect with other professionals in the industry, as well as with customers who are searching for high-quality gemstones.

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